How to Handle Inactive Employees on PTE Timesheet Status Report

The impending solar eclipse surely indicates something spooky’s happening in the cosmos. It’s affected my life by way of three different Microsoft Dynamics GP clients all moving from Business Portal (PDK) to the built-in Employee Self-Service and Project Time and Expense (PTE) functionality of GP 2016 R2. Learn more about the new Microsoft Dynamics GP […]

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How to Decrease the Number of Report Writers in Your Company

How many of us use five or more report writers across our business systems? I know it sounds absurd, but most organizations do use that many reporting tools across their ERP system and other databases. When looking to invest in a reporting tool, how you integrate and present your data is very important. It is […]

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Publishing Secure Report Links in Management Reporter

Many of our clients ask how to export a file directly from Management Reporter to Excel.  This is somewhat of a security issue in Management Reporter because you’re publishing the file to an unsecure file format.  Management Reporter 2012 gives us the capability to create a secure report link to solve this problem.  In this […]

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Using Excel Report Builder with Dynamics GP

Do you want Office integration tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP? Excel Report Builder generates an Excel report with live data connections that link back to Dynamics GP.  In this webinar, Charles Allen demonstrated the purpose of Excel Report Builder for Dynamics GP users, how to create new Excel Reports and how to recognize components of […]

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